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      Hydraulic cylinder for agricultural machinery

      類別:Hydraulic cylinder   發布時間:2020-11-11 13:32:44   瀏覽:

      • Max. working pressure:3600PSI / 25MPa
      • Bore:1.5"-8" / 35-200mm
      • Rod:0.5"-4" / 16-100mm
      • Max. Stroke:120" / 3000mm

      Agricultural machinery has various characteristics which require high reliability, endurance and corrosion resistance to the cylinder like combine harvester need work day and night continuously during the harvest time and seeder need spray water and nutrient which requires high corrosion resistance for the hydraulic cylinders. Newstar intensifies the physical performance of the cylinders on purpose to design the agricultural machinery cylinders considering their different characteristics to serve the customer better. Currently, Newstar has supplied hydraulic cylinders steadily for the top three agricultural machinery manufacturers in the world.